Corporate Donation Programs

There are two corporate donation programs that Camp Acorn participates in: Amazon Smile and TD Bank’s Affinity Program. These are ways that you can help earn donations for Camp Acorn and it will COST YOU NOTHING!

Amazon Smile

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How to use Amazonsmile to earn donations for Camp Acorn

  1. Go to
  1. Use your current amazon username and password or create a new account.
  1. Use the search feature to link your account to benefit the charity of your choice, Camp Acorn!
  1. From now on go to to shop at Amazon.

(It’s the same exact products and service as!)

Note: Purchases must be made through to be eligible! Purchases made through will not earn donations. Works with Amazon Prime too!

TD Bank Affinity Program

TD Bank’s Affinity Program allows you to link each of your accounts to Camp Acorn. It is completely private and costs you nothing! Your information is never shared and Camp Acorn will earn donations from TD Bank based on your banking activity.

For assistance please contact Timothy at TD Bank ~ 201-225-9820.

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